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Cleaning Your Fine Rugs in South London

Rugs are often used to give a warmer feeling to your wooden floor or to complete your interior design with a beautiful piece of art. However, in the same way as carpet, rugs trap dirt in their fibres allowing bacteria and dust mites to develop which can increase the symptoms of asthma and allergies. Unfortunately, hoovering only gets rid of some of this dust and the rest gets trapped deep in the rug. On top of this, who hasn’t spilled a glass of wine, dropped some food or forgotten to remove their muddy shoes when walking on a rug?

If rugs trap dirt the same way as carpets do, they can’t be cleaned using the same method. Rugs are usually much more delicate than carpet, especially oriental rugs which are made of natural fibres such as cotton, wool or silk. So please don’t throw them in your washing machine as this could cause a lot of damage and remorse!

Hoovering a white fluffy carpet in living room

The Harp Expertise

At Harp Cleaners, we help you relax and enjoy your beautiful rugs as we provide a professional cleaning service. Houses are made for living, aren’t they? Thanks to us, you can enjoy walking on your rug knowing that we’ll be there to pamper it if necessary. We specialise in high-end, luxury rugs and know how to clean any type of rugs including:

We collect your rug from your home and clean it at our premises in Sutton. We believe it’s the best way to provide a high-quality service and restore your rugs so they can complete your interior design in style.

We have been cleaning fine rugs since 1968 and we’ve seen all types of stains! We understand the value of your rug and that’s why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and why we insure all of our work. What’s more, we’re based in Sutton ensuring we are able to serve the whole of the South London region. Please do contact us if you’d like to discuss your needs or get a quote at or by calling us on 0208 7700313 or 07973 168287.

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