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Harp Cleaners Providing Curtain Cleaning in London

Finding a company you can trust to clean your curtains can be tough. The cost and difficulty of replacing them can be considerable, if not impossible, if the items are family heirlooms. Harp Cleaners offer a unique and specialised curtain cleaning service across London and all our work is fully insured to guarantee your peace of mind.

Although not as exposed as you carpet or rugs, curtains tend to absorb the smells floating around your house. This not only leaves them with a nasty mix of cigarette, cooking and pet smell, but can also deteriorate their looks and cause discolouration, especially on delicate and light-coloured curtains. Cleaning them every now and then will help keep your house clean and fresh.

Brown curtain & white voile

How We Clean Your Curtains

We take pride in providing a high-quality cleaning service for residential and commercial premises. Our high-end curtain cleaning process is carried out in three stages:

1. Assessment

We visit your property to assess your individual curtain cleaning requirements. This involves taking a pre-clean measurement so we can guarantee no shrinkage once your curtains are finished. We then take your curtains down for cleaning off-site as we believe this is the only way to clean to a truly professional standard.

2. Cleaning

Your curtains, swags & tails are professionally cleaned at our own premises.

3. Finishing Touch

We return to your property to re-hang and finish your curtains. This involves steaming to remove any creases, and then finally a hand finish using a professional spray that puts back the dressing.

4. Additional Requirements

We also provide extra services such as the cleaning of fabric blinds, including Roman & festoons, which are all re-strung. We will wash and re-hang any Net and Voile. Additionally, we offer alteration and repair of curtains for a complete refreshment.

Experts in Curtain Cleaning

At Harp Cleaners, we have been cleaning high-end curtains since 1968 making us experts in our domain. We provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and go above and beyond to make sure your beloved curtains come back fresh and looking like new. We’re based in Sutton, South London, allowing us to service the surroundings as well as London. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to get a quote at or either on 0208 7700313 or 07973 168287.

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