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Cleaning Your Luxury Carpet in London

In Great Britain, we love our carpet. From the entrance to the living room via the stairs, we enjoy the cosy feeling of soft fabric under our feet. Our carpet also reflects our taste and who we are with so many patterns, colours and textures to choose from.

Being such an important part of our home has its consequences though. Imagine how many times you’ve walked on your carpet, how many times your pet has rubbed its lovely fur against it, remember when you forgot to remove your muddy shoes and walked across the house or that time your guest spilled their glass of wine… All this can damage your beloved carpet with stains, bacteria and dust mites which can deteriorate the air quality in your home sometimes aggravating asthma and allergies.

Cleaning Red Wine Stain on Carpet

We Clean Your Carpet With Hot Water Extraction

Although it’s essential, we know cleaning your carpet can be a pain and unfortunately, vacuuming is not enough as it only removes part of the dirt hiding in the fibres. At Harp Cleaners, we pre-spot your carpet for any marks which could become stubborn. Then we use a hot water extraction process to clean your carpet. This method combines high water pressure with hot water to get rid of anything that could be stuck deep in the carpet. We also offer speed drying with air movers, anti-static, Scotch guard and pest control treatments. All loose covers, quilts and bedspreads are cleaned off-site.

Cleaning a Faded Striped Carpet

Let Professionals Clean Your Fine Carpet

At Harp Cleaners, we specialise in high-end carpet cleaning with over 45 years’ experience in the trade. We understand the value of your carpet, both sentimental and financial, and we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality residential and commercial cleaning services. Our team of friendly, professional cleaners will get rid of any dirt and bacteria, leaving your carpet like new. We give our customers 100% satisfaction guarantee and all the work we carry is fully insured to keep your peace of mind.

Our office is based in Sutton, just 12 miles south of London. This position allows us to efficiently reach our customers across London and around Sutton. If you’d like to know more about how we clean your high-end carpet or if you’d like a quote, please call us on 0208 7700313, 07973 168287 or email us at

Cleaning Cream Carpet with Yellow Stains
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