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Keeping Your Roman Blinds Clean

About Roman Blinds

 Roman blinds are over 2,000 years old and, as the name suggests, were invented during the Roman empire. At that time, houses had open windows which were welcoming the sun, heat and dust from the streets. To protect their interior, Romans started hanging a damp piece of fabric at the window. They gradually added some decoration to it and a string to pull it up or down more easily. And the Roman blinds were born!

The simplicity yet elegance of roman blinds is what makes them so successful around the world. When down, they don’t overlap creating a smooth feel. When up, they stack up evenly in a tidy and elegant manner. You can create different atmospheres depending on the type of Roman blinds you choose. Looped Roman blinds will display a cascade of waves when down which can give an impression of depth, while classic Roman blinds will give a smoother feel with a flatter design.

Brown curtain & white voile

Caring For Your Fabric Roman Blinds

Harp Cleaners specialise in valuable fabric blinds cleaning with over 45 years’ experience. We know the value of your items and we take great care whilst cleaning them to make sure they keep their shape and condition. To guarantee the best care possible, we’ll come to your house to check the state of your blinds and measure them. This will prevent any shrinkage during the cleaning process. We will then take the blinds to our facilities for cleaning and bring them back once finished. We believe it’s the best way to provide quality work as we have everything we need at our premises in Sutton.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and insure our work for your peace of mind because we recognise the value of your blinds can be both financial and sentimental. Our offices in Sutton allow us to reach you in London and the surrounding areas. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your cleaning requirements, please give us a call either on 0208 7700313 or 07973 168287 or email

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