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Get Your Festoon Blinds Professionally Cleaned

Festoon and Austrian Blinds

Festoon blinds are made of vertical stripes of fabric with horizontal semi-circular folds across the full length of the blind. This creates a series of swags across the whole fabric, whether the blinds are up or down. Festoon blinds became very fashionable across Europe in the 18th century after Louis XIV installed them in his palaces. Although they are less used today as people prefer the simplicity of roman blinds, they are perfect for a baroque interior and will give your house a feel of grandeur.

Festoon blinds are often compared with Austrian blinds which combine Festoon and Roman styles. The difference is that Austrian blinds only fold at the bottom instead of throughout the length of the fabric. They create some volume as they unfold while using the simple mechanism of the Roman style. They were used at the Austrian court to create a sense of splendour.

Brown curtain & white voile

Caring for your Festoon Blinds

The complicated and delicate style of festoon blinds make them quite difficult to clean. The folds catch dust and moisture much more easily than Roman blinds which can damage them quickly. At Harp Cleaners, we’ve been cleaning all types of fabric blinds for over 45 years so we know how to take care of Festoon blinds. We’ll come to your house to assess your needs and measure the blinds. This will make sure that there won’t be any shrinkage after the wash. We’ll then take your blinds to our facilities in Sutton for a full professional cleaning. Once that’s done, we’ll bring them back home and re-string them to complete the grandeur of your interior.

Harp Cleaners is a family business and we pride ourselves with outstanding customer service offering 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also insure all our work as we know it can be difficult to trust someone with your precious blinds. From our Sutton office, we can reach London and the southern boroughs. Please get in touch if you’d like more information about our services or if you need a quote. Call us on 0208 7700313 or 07973 168287 or email at and we’ll be happy to help.

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